Customers are reaching out on various diverse channels such as social media, messaging, and phone, challenging call centre sales agents, to turn customers into loyal advocates without coming on too aggressive. Nonetheless, customers embrace the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversation, as long as it drives them to the products and services they really need.

We have identified five crucial tips for optimising the communications of your sales agent to drive brand awareness, sales growth and customer loyalty.

Building a relationship is key

To achieve customer loyalty, successful brands know that relationship building is vital. Every conversation should start out as a customer service call; the sales agent should introduce themselves and start with a light dialogue before moving to address the customer’s need. Not only does this build trust, but more importantly, it makes the customer feel valued as an individual. Trusting the brand’s products and services starts with trusting the call centre sales agent.

Keep it natural

If you want to turn a customer off, ask a lot of questions. Instead, responding to customer inquiries will make an agent look passive and unknowledgeable. There should be a clear balance between asking questions that explain the customer’s needs and making comments that encourage the customer and motivate him to make a purchase. For example, a call centre sales agent for a cellular company might explain the benefits of a phone and internet subscription and then move to ask the buyer if his current provider is filling his needs.

Features, NOT benefits

Customers are only interested in how this product or service will solve a problem for them or make his life better. Will it increase comfort? Will it enhance a product they already like? First, establish an emotional connection with the customer by describing the benefits before moving to go over the features. For example, while a premium voice plan that cost less than a competitor’s offering can sound appealing, it is taking the time to explain that the customer can place unlimited calls allowing him a fixed, predictable cost that will increase the probability to win him over. The sales agent may also go on to explain how this unlimited plan will allow the customer unlimited calls to their closest friends and family, creating an emotional connection to the benefits of the service.

Knowledge is power

Sales agents must be well trained to explain product features and link them to associating benefits. The agent can never be doubtful and hesitant of an answer when asked a question by a potential buyer. Agents naturally radiate confidence and excitement for the brand, when they are super knowledgeable. Consequently making the customer more excited about the purchase.

Truly listen to customer concerns

Sales agents are problem solvers; they actively look for solutions to customer concerns. For example, if a customer is hesitant to change providers due to the upfront cost being too high, the sales can prove to the client that the offering will indeed save the customer money in the long run. If not, the agent should find a way to meet a need that will validate the extra premium and make it worthwhile to pay the premium. Integrity is everything; sales agents must always offer a customer the best possible solution for his particular needs, this not only increases the probability of a sale but also strengthens return business from that customer.

Natural conversation for a sales agent is an art. Sales must continually invest the time to be trained to sharpen their interpersonal skills. Sales agents can turn every sale into a long-term relationship by genuinely listening to the customer, suggesting solutions to problems, and giving in-depth knowledge about every product.

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