When you think Artificial intelligence in relation to customer service the first thing that comes to mind is chatbot. Chatbots have reinvented the approach customers take when interacting with brands, it helps customers find what they are looking for quicker and the purchasing process seamless. AI has the capacity to deliver more than just customer service. Technology plays a role behind the scenes for the overall customer experience, and It influences the way in which customer behaves. Working with big data and aspects of behavioural psychology, artificial Intelligence helps brands establish their target audience and revolutionise the quality of customer experience.

Customers want convenience in today’s times. More and more businesses are implementing AI to deliver proactive service, reducing the customers’ frustrations and time. Chat bot does not only respond to customers inquiries, but it is also able to offer services related to the questions asked by customers or information pertaining to the query. Artificial intelligence effectively delivers proactive service.

Artificial intelligence can be used to influence customer behaviour. By combining behavioural psychology and data, the information obtained from these resources to target customers more efficiently and drive them towards purchasing. A.I can be used to predict human behaviour. We see this when companies integrate personality scales and psychology to understand better customer trends and the reasons behind the decisions they make. Companies can relay messages to target audiences established to motivate and persuade them on the choices they are making.

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