Teleforge recommends that call centres use an auto dialer in their businesses. An autodialer is the base of the strategy; it brings process and logic to your contact strategy. The results of using an autodialler can be seen in time-saving, higher productivity, quality of service and higher revenue.

An autodialer impacts the way in which the call centre agents contact clients. It functions on algorithms that analyse and predict, constantly innovating based on changes the business requires to deliver high call volumes.

If you are a call centre owner or team leader, you must ensure that you choose the dialing solution that offers the best call rates, their system is easy to use. Teleforge has the solution tailor-made for your business needs.

When you implement the Teleforge system in your business, you will see business goals achieved in the short and long term.

How to make call centre strategies better:

Call Drops

An autodialer improves call strategies, as it is predefined by parameters rather than randomly calling from a call list

Productivity Optimization

An autodialer ensures that your call centre agents are not wasting time by manually dialing numbers from a never-ending list. The dialer helps your agents spend more time on calls to the correct client where it is likely they will achieve better results. Your spend on dialing out will also be reduced as there is no space for error as seen on manual dialing.

Customer Connect

Your cost on airtime will be reduced, and productivity increased. The smarter the algorithm you implement, more calls will take place. Smart dialing solutions help your call centre agents achieve higher results in the number of calls they need to make daily.

Daily operations

The auto dialer can also be used to track the daily calling activity. You will be able to pull a daily report for each call centre agent and see their performance in the call centre. The reporting system is easy to understand and also includes call recording system.


Implement customer profiling by using the dialer; this will help your call centre agent pick up trends. This will help your call centre make better contact with the right clients and see a reduction in calls that were not important.

The rewards of using a dialer in your call centre are endless. The dialer will help you configure, define and automate your call centre process. Your strategies will become smarter and based more parameters that will include segment and interaction history.