When working in a call centre can be tricky at times. Your customers are all different, the tickets they log can vary from customer to customer. You need to be able to assist them effectively. Support agents need to take into consideration that customers might not fully understand you or be angry with they make contact.

Mistakes to happen. You can have a world class product, but if your communication skills are bad, you can land up with disgruntled customers logging a bad review about your company on social media.

We have highlighted some of the mistakes that you can solve, helping your call centre agents resolve support tickets more effectively.

Training your staff

Take the time and make an effort to train your call centre staff fully. Educate them on how to handle different situations that they might find themselves in. Training them on how to communicate effectively, how to interact with the different types of situations they could find themselves in. Focus on manners plays a vital role too.

No customer wants to speak to an agent who is rude and disrespectful. Showing respect, patience and an interest in your customers will create raving fans of your company and the product you are selling.

Keep a close eye on your call centre agents, keep a note of areas they might be lacking in and give them the training they require.

Keep proper track of your customers.

Keep your customers happy, make them feel comfortable with your agents. Customers want to feel important. Make a concerted effort remember them and how you have assisted them in the past. When customers are comfortable with you, they will find it easier to give you all the information that you might require from them.

Call centre agents must ensure that when they are communicating with clients that they spell customers names and surnames correctly, making simple mistakes like this can lead to your company looking unprofessional and sloppy.

How to reply

Sending emails is already seen as impersonal. Educate your call centre agents on how to communicate with customers. When replying to emails, make your customers feel like they have been heard, not like they are receiving an auto response. Always respond to emails.

Respond to customers tickets timeously. Respond on time and that you will put effort into resolving their ticket as soon as possible. The more effort you put into your response, and not hoping they will forget their request, the more loyal your customers will become.

Learn from your mistakes

No company is perfect, they all make mistakes from time to time. The issue comes when companies allow the errors to affect the relationship you have with your clients, leading to your company looking unprofessional and uninterested.

Train your staff and ensure they have the correct tools to give professional assistance to clients. Ask your team if they are up to date with the companies product and services.

Overcoming mistakes that happen when resolving critical issue support tickets can be easy to deal with. An effort is required from your side, showing your customers that resolving their tickets will always remain your company’s top priority.