It is predicted that CX will take over price and product as the key differentiator by 2020, the customer support department must not be considered as a cost centre and more. Companies should take into consideration that the support centre is not a cost centre, instead look at how it adds to the company’s bottom line. It is essential for companies to keep existing customers as well as gain new ones.

Companies need to understand the importance of delivering a consistent level of customer experience. Customer service is not an insignificant support function. It helps in retaining customers, plays a significant role in upselling and sales revenue. When you have raving fans as customers, it is much easier to sell to them, prospecting new potential customers is much harder.

We are in an era where technology is changing the face of your companies. You need to be two steps ahead to gain the advantage, start implementing customer support technology like Freshdesk and Freshsales to achieve an advantage in customer service.

To better understand how customer service impacts your company we have listed some key areas for you to take into consideration.

Customer Support

Customer support team leaders need to show management that their support centre is a crucial element in the offerings they bring to the table. Management needs to understand that investing in the customer support centre is vital to the existing customer base.

Statistics that can be used to provide information regarding this :

Customers who have positive experiences will spend 140% more compared to customers who had a negative experience.

Customers who had a positive experience are 23% more like to tell 10+ people about their experience.

It is 7% more expensive to attain a new client, compared to keeping existing clients.

Selling to an existing client is 70% more likely to happen compared to 5-20% chance of a new one.

Measuring Customer Service

Peter Drucker said “You can’t improve what you can’t measure” this is true for customer support. There is a negative view when it comes to customer support. The focus is on qualitative aspects. Performance of the support team should be measured on the direct impact the customer support team has on the business.

Companies plan investments in processes, only when they can measure the return on investment and benefits will they make a decision. Prove to management that a profit is made in your contact centre, that by investing in a CSS (customer support system) operational costs will reduce and customer experience will improve.

To measure customer service performance, you must establish a standard ROI process.

Key metrics – Every business has different factors that impact their growth. Identify the key metrics and track how the customer support team plays a role in influencing these indicators. E.g., Retention rate, reduction in operational costs and sales revenue.

Track and measure your customer support service by using service metrics

Customer satisfaction score – Companies want to know whether customers are happy with the service they received. By using CSAT score, you will be able to determine the satisfaction levels.

Net Promoter Score – Companies can measure the loyalty of customers with NPS. It determines how likely customers are of recommending your service/brand. Net promoter score uses simple questions, with a rating level. Subtracting the percentage of negative from the positive gives the NPS score.

Once you have identified the key metrics, you will need to set up the ROI hypothesis. By doing this, it will help you show the activities in support play impacts your return on investment.

Trial and Error – It is an ongoing process measuring customer service. You will need to test and review it on a regular basis. This will help you track what is affecting the bottom line, where you need to improve and what changes need to take place.

Implementing smart solutions like Teleforge and Freshdesk will make your contact centre capable of streamlining and improving customer service. The level of service delivered by your customer support centre will improve drastically.

Make ROI in your customer support centre a priority. Review how you are tracking and measuring your key metrics. For more information on Teleforge and Freshworks offerings like reporting tools and ticketing systems contact our sales team today.



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