In today’s age, it takes much longer to find clients, and it takes a few minutes to lose them.
Clients don’t like to wait; they want answers quickly to their queries. As the service provider, it is your job to provide the best support to your customers, thus creating loyalty to your brand.

Customer support is no longer one department in a company. It has become the job of all employees. Businesses need to educate all employees on how to give the right customer support. Each employee, whether it be c suite, operations, IT or back-end support, they all need to know that proper support process and work in collaboration with the support team to deliver world-class customer support experience.

Must have features

Having a customer support system helps businesses to achieve goals for customer experience and increased ROI. To have these improvements you will need to have the below features:

Omnichannel support
With a variety of communication channels now, social, email, mobile, phone, customers choose the one that best supports their company. Your customer support system needs to be omnichannel communication. This way you can communicate on many platforms with your clients. By implementing this, your customers can engage with your brand at their convenience. Contact Centre Cloud

Ticketing system
To help customers quickly, your call centre agents need to have the right tools. The agents need to see a full view of the client’s history and previous interactions. A ticketing solution keeps a record of all prior communications with clients and solutions. Implementing a ticketing solution helps to establish accountability between front end and back end solutions. Logging a ticket can be done on multiple platforms and sent to one platform. Tickets are resolved faster. Freshdesk

Live Chat
Having a chat option implemented on your website is one what to ensure that customers have their queries addressed quickly. (as stated above these are sent directly to the ticketing system) Customer support in today’s world cannot fulfil its purpose if they don’t provide this as an option to support. Freshchat

Ticket Priority 
Having an intelligent customer support system that can identify which tickets need to be resolved first can increase your customer service rating. Having a ticketing solution that can evaluate the tickets log can help with factors like SLA, the status of tickets, tickets awaiting a response and other priorities implemented.

Having read the above information on call centre features will give you an idea of what you need in your customer support software when evaluating which one to choose for your business. Teleforge can assist with the above with the right solution for you.
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