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Teleforge Partner Program

The Teleforge team focuses on developing, providing and supporting cutting-edge products and solutions while empowering partners to prosper.  While Teleforge focuses on its products and services, our Partners can use their time to identify opportunities and close deals.

Teleforge Partners have access to industry leading call center technology to service a portfolio ranging from corporates to call-centers and governments to SMEs. Our focus is to provide proudly-South-African developed call center solutions that compete with global brands at extremely competitive prices. Teleforge is well-established as the first and dominant call center technology provider in the debt collecting and debt counselling space while increasing market share in various other call center industries.

Why Become a Teleforge Channel Partner

Support and Security at the Highest Level

The state-of-the-art Teleforge Network Operations Center (NOC), monitors active and passive network parameters to anticipate, pinpoint and segregate problems on the network. The NOC provides an up to the minute, real-time visual summary of the status of the entire network. Teleforge can proudly boast of having the fastest response and resolution time in South Africa, ensuring confidence and peace of mind with partners and customers

Teleforge also boasts the most advanced fraud protection voice system in South Africa which guarantees protection from any IP-based voice hacking attempts.

Highly Competitive Pricing

The Teleforge technology stack is developed in-house by a highly skilled development team, consequently ensuring customization, flexibility, and, above all, reduced cost compared to competitive products being designed and priced in foreign currency.

Teleforge has a Class 5 Sip Softswitch with direct interconnects into all the telco networks allowing Partners to benefit from the lowest wholesale voice rates in South Africa.

We are the first call center technology provider in South Africa that offers an all-inclusive per seat rate, making it very difficult for any competitor to compete.

Teleforge, due to its market capitalization, has negotiated the lowest hardware prices equipping partners with the most competitive pricing to go to market, consequently increasing margin and profitability.

Industry Leading Innovation, Products, and Services

Market-relevant innovation is at the core of the Teleforge development team that constantly develops new solutions and products as per customer and market needs, ensuring that Partners and Customers are always at the forefront of this highly technology-driven-market.

Teleforge also guarantees 99.7% uptime for voice services with automated failover. Teleforge interconnects with the incumbent operators, consequently providing carrier-grade voice quality on both inbound and outbound calls, eliminates the quality problems typically associated with conventional VoIP/LCR solutions.


Teleforge manages corporates to call centers, governments to Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) ranging from 5 people to more than 1000 per location with a proven track record.


Teleforge provides complete white labelling of the complete technology stack to all our Reseller Partners to enhance brand value.

Beat the competition and become a partner today.

Agent or Reseller?

Agents earn commission based on a percentage of revenue generated from each customer they introduce to Teleforge. When Agents introduce a business, the business will become a Teleforge customer and is invoiced and managed directly by the Teleforge Customer Support team. The Agent continues to play a relationship management role but is essentially freed up to move onto its next potential customer, while Teleforge manages the technical component and administration.

Teleforge believes its duty is to provide support to the agent. This hands-on support is the cornerstone of the Teleforge Agent Program; Teleforge provides selling tools, and sales training, and will even accompany the agent to initial meetings with new clients to help them close strategic deals.

Reseller Partners, on the other hand, require the technical and operational capacity to own the complete value chain and manage the entire process from sales through provisioning to long-term support and invoicing. Resellers receive a wholesale cost price on Teleforge products and services that scale based on volume of sales done by the Reseller.

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