With all the new apps available like chatbots, live chat and messaging apps you might think that the voice channel is becoming redundant. This is not true, in customer service today, many customers still want the human experience of chatting to an agent.

A Google study found that 59% of customers prefer to call into a business than making contact online. 57% merely wish to take to a real person. Refer to the tips below when optimising your companies voice channel

Strong interpersonal skills

When operating a voice channel, your call centre agents must be trained to work on multiple channels and have strong interpersonal skills. Ensure that agents have excellent conversational skills that allow them to show emotions such as empathy and confidence.

Agents need to be able to calm down upset customers and have a positive attitude. Agents must be able to gain a client’s trust when dealing with their situation.

Client information

Call dropping is a reality. Train your agents to exchange contact information at the beginning of the conversation. Call centre agents should ensure that the client knows whom they are talking to and give the client their direct extension should they be cut off. Ask for the client’s name and number.

Don’t place customers on hold

Rather than placing customers on hold ask them if you can call them back. You can place them in a queue, and when they are first in line, you call them back. Ensure that you have a time that is convenient to call back. By implementing this, it stops customers from having their time wasted.

Using IVR

Use IVR messaging in your business. This will help customers to select the correct department to help them. It will also ensure that they reach a call centre agent who is best suited to resolve their query. Test your IVR menu regularly this ensures that customers are correctly routed.

Customer experience

Companies try to cut costs by reducing the average call time. I am afraid that is not right. In the long run, it costs you more by having multiple calls with the same customer. Concentrate on providing quality experiences on first contact resolution. Call centre agents should instead concentrate on resolving the customers’ query the first time. This will create a great customer experience. You can only offer excellent customer service when you know what your customers expect from you.

We are in the Digital Age, but being able to offer human touch via the voice channel is still vital. Companies must look into optimising their omnichannel, giving your customers the best voice channel experience.