Customers don’t have the patience anymore to wait for answers to their questions.
They want instant gratification, and attention.
We are now in the era of chat. Contact centres need to understand why they need to implement chat software in their existing system.

What is LIVE CHAT?
Live chat is a medium used to interact with customers. It allows agents in a call centre space to handle multiple chats and provide a high-level customer experience. Implementing chat is quick and easy, the majority of customers are leaning towards this as a way to solve their queries.

User experience UX
The first port of call for customers seeking help or a new product is to search the web.
The web influences their decision when making a purchase. A way in which to leverage a customer is through personalised chat. The agent can chat with the client through the live chat, understand the needs and background of the potential client and contextually engage with them.

Agent efficiency
Mundane tasks become a thing of the past. With the live chat, they have the data they require to boost their task efficiency.

Chat Queue Notification
Agents are assigned a chat queue name. With this in place, agents are provided with the relevant information. This provides the agent with the context of the request and what was previously done to assist the client.

Chat Transfer
Should the chat require the assistance of another agent, the chat can be transferred to a different queue. If the customer comes through to the wrong queue, the agent can direct the chat to the correct queue.

Customers Voice
Feedback on the chat is saved, thus additional emails or follow up calls are not required.
Call centre manager can access the data which can be used for additional training and to monitor the call centre agent’s success rate.

Engaging with Customers
Triggers can be set to the customers’ levels of satisfaction. The triggers are based on behaviour or time. This means agents can reach out to clients before they even ask about it.

Ongoing customer support
Time plays a significant role in the lives of all of us. Chat reduces the amount of time you spend waiting on hold. Live chat is instant, and clients can reach out to agents and chat with them live about the issues they might be experiencing. Processing information is done in a lesser time.

Implementing live chat in your contact centre opens new doors for your business, meaning that more business opportunities are easier to come by. The client will move on to your competition if you delay in responding to them. Supply your customer today with the convenience of live chat.

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